Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Three Faces of the Goddess by D.J. Conway

Date of Publication: 1994

Number of Pages: 229, including index

Synopsis (from back cover): The feminine divine is the balancing principle that has been missing from our human spiritual evolution for too long. Maiden, Mother, Crone explores our lost but vital connection with the Goddess in all her diverse and glorious myths and archetypes, with goddess lore from around the world.

Meet Siren, Ceres, Freyja, and others as you become reacquainted with your inner goddess through understanding each aspect of her: Maiden, from infant to puberty; Mother, adult and parent; and Crone, the wise elder. The simple rituals and guided meditations will help you attain awareness and strengthm while a dictionary of mythic symbols lends practical support.

Review: This was my first foray into the realm of Goddess worship, and this book is great for beginners. Conway explains the three faces of the Goddess and why she was obliterated from modern religions. The book introduces you to the Goddess slowly, then delves not only into the details of each aspect, but provides numerous examples of each face of the Goddess from around the world. I found the similarities between goddess of Asia, America, Europe, and Africa to be quite startling. It seems that almost all cultures have recognized these three aspects of the Great Goddess, and had incorporated them into their mythologies. When patriarchal societies took over, many thousands of years ago, these goddesses were lost or demoted: a great tragedy.

I found myself identifying with all three faces of the Goddess, especially the Maiden. But each can correspond to all stages in life, and I found myself relating to all of them. The meditations and rituals were helpful as practical guides, as was the symbolic dictionary (you want to know what an Ankh is? Or the significance of a cauldron?). This book can show modern people, used to living in patriarchal societies, how to reconnect to the feminine divine in their lives, leading to a more peaceful existence. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to start that journey and bring the Goddess back into their lives.

Rating: 9/10


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