Booking Through Thursday: Definition of “Reader”

What, in your opinion, is the definition of a “reader.” A person who indiscriminately reads everything in sight? A person who reads BOOKS? A person who reads, period, no matter what it is?  … Or, more specific? Like the specific person who’s reading something you wrote? [Posted on 6/26/08]

My answer: In my opinion, a “reader” is someone who reads for pleasure, mainly books. It doesn’t matter if they read fiction or non-fiction, Harry Potter or Charles Dickens, just as long as they’re reading. Perusing the newspaper every morning doesn’t really count for me. To be a reader, you must commit yourself, body and mind, to your book: the characters, the setting, the plot. The story must become a part of your life. That is part of reading for pleasure.

When reading non-fiction, I believe their must be a passion about the subject, an enthusiasm for history, culture, science, whatever it is you’re reading about. Otherwise, it just becomes like the stale, boring reading we all did as students.

Being a reader is choosing to read something you love, or even something you might love.


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