BTT: Peer Pressure

“I was looking through books yesterday at the shops and saw all the Twilight books, which I know basically nothing about. What I do know is that I’m beginning to feel like I’m the *only* person who knows nothing about them.

Despite being almost broke and trying to save money, I almost bought the expensive book (Australian book prices are often completely nutty) just because I felt the need to be ‘up’ on what everyone else was reading.

Have you ever felt pressured to read something because ‘everyone else’ was reading it? Have you ever given in and read the book(s) in question or do you resist? If you are a reviewer, etc, do you feel it’s your duty to keep up on current trends?” [from 9/04/08]

My Answer: I once gave into peer pressure and bought The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, simply because I had heard s much about it. People had said that it changed their lives, and I was interested it see if it lived up to its hype. Although the book was entertaining, it didn’t change my life. That was the first and last time I ever gave into peer pressure.

Although I have many “trendy” books on my TBR list, I may never get around to reading them. In fact, I often find myself shying away from the popular bestsellers, and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the bohemian in me, the part of me that wants to be separate from the pack. I’m happier re-reading old favorites and discovering classics. The only time I’ll read a bestseller is if it’s more that 50 years old!

Except Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter.


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