New Reading Challenges Page!

I’ve added a page to the blog, in which I list all the reading challenges I am undertaking. The first is called Reading Through the Decades, and it involves reading one great book from each decade of the 20th century. I picked these book based largely on the importance of the writer or of the book itself, which I think allows for an even greater summary of 20th century literature as a whole. The second is a challenge I made up for myself last year, and which is ongoing. I call it the Bohemian Reading Challenge and it focuses on Bohemian and counter-culture literature. So many of our greatest writers are those that refused to follow the rules and made up their own, and I want to explore their writing and their impact on literature and culture. I’ve also included some poetry by Charles Baudelaire and Christina Rossetti (I love her poem “The Goblin Market”), and as a rule, I rather dislike poetry. We’ll see how I get on!

Keep an eye on the reading lists I’ve included…you’ll see some reviews of these books before long!


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